Sssshhhh – whisper it quietly!

………. I’m back! Oh yes, my friends, it’s time to dust off my quill and re-enter the glorious world of blogging. I do hope you’ll join me for the ride.


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Micro sleep

Here it is – the article I was telling you about this morning. I don’t think it would be a good idea for me! If I sleep in the middle of the day, I wake up feeling more tired and bad tempered (just ask anyone who knows me!); How about you – how would you feel if you had a midday nap?

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Freedom 2014

Sometimes it seems there is too much news in the world – too much to absorb, too much to understand, too much to really engage with but I was really taken with this story on the news today. 

It is part of the BBC’s Freedom 2014 season – an attempt to understand what freedom is and what it means to people all over the world. I love the visual message this has, words really are secondary to the pictures that people have shared with the BBC. 

I’m going to post a picture which reflects my idea of freedom – please add yours too!

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أهلا ومرحبا بكم في “بروكسل تشكيل”

Wow – how nice to meet you and share our experiences of teaching languages. I hope to learn from your experiences so please feel free to follow my blog and comment on things that interest you.

Do take a look at my Twitter account – it’s just to the right, that’s it – you’ve found it! By embedding it in my blog I can attract the more “cautious” audience who don’t necessarily want to create their own account.

The feedback from my students is positive – they do use the Twitter feed to follow up on stories that we may have discussed in class, short video clips, even grammr activities…….Image

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وهذا كثير وأنا أعلم!


Twitter is a great way to share a “headline” – I use my account (and then Valerie’s) to spread the word and reach my audience.

Once I have attracted my audience I just have to entertain them!


I can use a link like this, Tunisia Quiz, to send my students to an activity, quiz, etc……. or insert photos to add interest!
Tunisia map

I can also send them to interesting facts and figures about subjects we’re discussing in class which I sometimes turn into a quiz!

It is also interesting to add some related hashtag language – I can get a very detailed picture of who is interested in what!

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Well hello EA3AS – how nice to meet you!


Hi everyone,

It really has been good to meet you all this week – what a great group! I hope you’re looking forward to the next 5 weeks.

Please feel free to look around this blog – don’t worry, you can’t break it! Hit any of the links, visit any of the websites and try any of the activities you like.

Do say “hello” by posting a comment for me – I will always reply!

Have a great weekend,


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OMG – as my son would say!

I love the Olympics – in fact I love all sport so I have been happily reading all the stories circulating in the run up to Sochi. This story, however, has left me speechless…………….

No – just no!




And here is the story if you want to read it!

Am I just being very precious or are you also horrified at the prospect of sharing?!

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