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Isn’t it scary when you open the newspaper and read all about yourself? It happened to me this morning.

I love technology, not for what it is, but for what it can do for me. My husband and son drone on and on discussing ram, gigabytes, CPU, GPU, terraflops, clock speed ………… and the list goes on. I couldn’t care less. I sit happily, reading my newspapers, following my various online threads, checking my emails and updating my facebook page and never, ever Internet shopping. 

And that, according to The Times, is the problem with me and up to 1 in 5 of us. Doctors have identified a growing epidemic of tiredness that we are bringing on ourselves by our over stimulated lifestyles. We are overloading our brains with the constant frenzy that is the Internet and 24/7 life and, as a result, are not switching our brains into a suitable state for proper, deep sleep. The report indicates that most of don’t suffer from too little sleep, we suffer from poor quality sleep because we have not “switched off” our brains. 

So – what’s to be done? The solution, it seems, isn’t exactly rocket science and the Corr family are going to make one immediate lifestyle change! We are going to introduce the “electronic sundown” for 60-90 minutes before bed – so no technology, except for TV, before bed to allow the brain to unwind.

I am also going to leave my smartphone downstairs at bed time. Now – I am not guilty of checking my emails through the night, in fact I turn the wifi off so the damn thing doesn’t wake me up, but I do use it as an alarm clock because I worry about my clock radio not working. Hmmm – no smartphone, no confidence in my clock radio – sounds like I need one of those old fashioned wind up clocks. Sounds like an Internet shopping moment………..


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4 Responses to Read all about it!!

  1. Auntie Mary says:

    I’d ditch the TV for an hour or so before bedtime too. (Good idiom for the students to look up – ‘ditch’ the noun and ‘ditch’ the verb – goodness knows what the relationship is). Nice warm bath with Radox in it and a mug of Ovaltine or Horlicks – can you buy any of these items in Brussels or shall I be loading the boot of the car with BOGOFs…..?

  2. methemog says:

    Ah ha! Did you see the article in yesterday’s paper? Hmm – maybe you are guilty of poor sleep, not lack of sleep! The Corrs didn’t do too well at our electronic sunset yesterday but have agreed it will happen on “school nights”!

  3. whocaaares says:

    Quite interesting!
    Although you wouldn’t have to worry about poor quality sleep if your brain has never been “switched on” – check me out :o) … Despite what it seems, we dopey people get proper sleep.

    ditch is indeed extremely interesting ;
    I ditched my girlfriend
    …in a ditch because she ditched me
    (alright, let’s go to sleep ….)

  4. methemog says:

    Oh my! I hope the ditched girlfriend wasn’t English – what a waste of a free language resource.

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