Go Team SAnita!!


I really enjoyed our visit to the BIP exhibition today. It’s amazing really – I’ve been living in Brussels for 13 years now and I realise there’s so much I have yet to learn about my “home town”. There’s lots more interesting information on their website – but promise me you won’t cheat and hit the French button! Tell me which “room” you enjoyed the most.

(And SAnita? – why that’s Sarah and Anita 🙂 )

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9 Responses to Go Team SAnita!!

  1. Fabrice Blondiau says:

    Nice TEAM ! ( Anita and Sarah is LOVELY !! ) I like room 2, i you think room 3, because the answer [reponses] were on the wall !

    We had got to the dessert… no drink 😦 <– Joke … !!!!

  2. methemog says:

    Well done Fabrice – perhaps you can persuade the rest of Team SAnita to leave a comment! Where’s Genevieve?!?!?!?

  3. Geneviève says:

    Great morning. Room I and II interresting and fun

  4. Fabrice Blondiau says:

    I try … ! Sarah.

  5. Christophe Bantuelle says:

    hello i am the doctor

    this is you’re perfect team *laugh*
    you are the master Sarah

  6. methemog says:

    Thanks Christophe, I can’t play your link on my ipad so I’ll try at work tomorrow. How about this for Christmas??

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