Fairtrade Week


I hope you all enjoyed this morning’s activity – it sounded like a fascinating way to look at Fairtrade throughout the world. Don’t forget, we have several Fairtrade activities taking place all through next week. Can you remember the difference between I like and I’d like………? (You will need to use this correctly in the shop next week!)

if you are interested in discovering more about Fairtrade, click here to visit their website.

The top photo is of Jan & Catherine, my lovely Dutch colleagues, who organised the whole event. Well done guys and I hope next week is a huge success for you.

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2 Responses to Fairtrade Week

  1. Fabrice Blondiau says:

    I’m “SORRY”, for me, but is not necessary, i’m lost 2 hours from lesson ! The activity is not very interesting, the player was not courteous …

  2. methemog says:

    Thanks for the feedback Fabrice……. it’s always good to know what works and what doesn’t. Shame it wasn’t for you……….. 😩

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