Sssshhhh – can you keep a secret?!


It’s a funny old world. I spend all my days teaching English, telling you lot how it’s done, explaining grammar, correcting pronunciation and introducing new vocabulary. But (oh yes, there’s always a but!) although I am a very enthusiastic language teacher, I am not such a model student!  

I really like a very “hands on” approach to my language learning. I like it to be real, authentic and delivered to me every day! Me, lazy, never! 

Le Soir, now offers an 8 minute summary of all the day’s important news in English. I love it – I challenge myself to read the same stories in English and French – sometimes I read it first in French to make it more difficult and sometimes, but not too often, I read it my own language first.
I am going to follow it here on my blog but why don’t you find it too and follow it as well?

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