My holiday plans – don’t look Carl!

Yeah, a couple of hours peace and quiet! My boys have gone to the pub to watch the football while I read the newspapers, update my facebook, play that damned Candy Crush, drink tea do the ironing!

Assuming we beat the approaching storm and can actually get to Northern Ireland, we have a list of lovely things to do lined up. Although I know Belfast very well it is always great to return and find something new to do. So, in order, here are our plans;

An Ulster Fry!

An Ulster Fry

Yes, it’s true – the only way to start the day. Sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, beans, potato bread, tomatoes and a big pot of tea. Now I’m not saying I do it every day but it really is a great treat once in a while.

The Giant’s Causeway.


St George’s Market.


Crumlin Road Jail.

If I am feeling very brave, I might go on the ghost tour of the jail. Here is a youtube video of a ghost sighting at the jail.

Take a good look at the links and then let me know which visit you would choose if you were in glorious Northern Ireland for the day!

Happy Hallowe’en everyone!

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