Hello Brussels – I’m back!


Well hello rainy Brussels. It really feels like I left in autumn and have returned in winter! I’m not complaining though – I’m one of those people who actually quite likes winter! Don’t get me wrong – I really hate the rain but I love the (occasional) crisp, cold, bright days of winter and I love, love, love snow!

So, in preparation for what the forecasters are promising will be a long cold winter, I’ve been making preparations! I have filled my cellar with logs, I have bought myself some uber-sexy snow boots, some thermal gloves and a woolly hat, and, most importantly, I have returned from London with industrial quantities of Marmite! It’s one of those things that you either love of hate – no half measures! If you ask me very nicely, I’ll bring some to class and let you try it. For me, there is very little to beat a Saturday afternoon curled up on the sofa in front of a roaring log fire, a classic film ……………. and a large plate of Marmite toast.

Enjoy the long weekend.


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6 Responses to Hello Brussels – I’m back!

  1. The Hobbit says:

    Marmite ? Did you say Marmite ? Found in a Marmite Rehoming Centre 😉 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R1TDZtNq9g

    • methemog says:

      Oh little Hobbity one! I found you – exactly where you said you were, lurking in my spam folder. Thanks so much for this link – excellent! You must be a lover given your Twiglet addiction?

  2. whocaaares says:

    Marmite ? darn – another thing I missed while I was in London

    *and yet, the Wikipedia description leaves me ….well, puzzled. But I’m glad you added a picture there, or I might have embarrassed myself mentioning it later as some sort of engine oil


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