There is nothing like a queue!

I went on a very interesting training course last week and at lunch the conversation turned to national traits. My colleagues were very interested in a trait they see as being very English – the need to queue!
image They asked me where I queue, why I queue and if everybody in England queues. The answers are; everywhere, because it’s the only way to get to the front in an organised and fair manner and, yes, we all queue – or expect to get shouted at for not joining an orderly line!

My question in response is – how do you get on a bus or train without queuing? How do you know who is next to be served at the Post Office? 

Here is an amusing story about one of our national pastimes -. I would love to hear about the traits that define your nationality so please post your favourites here.

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3 Responses to There is nothing like a queue!

  1. Valerie says:

    I queued for the bus this morning in Flanders and when the bus came I was first on. Why? I was alone, but I made a proper queue!

  2. The Hobbit says:

    You seem to share this with the Canadians : they also queue everywhere. Is this a “Royal Habit” ? If I’m not wrong, you (still) share the same Queen…

  3. methemog says:

    Ah, God Bless the Queen!! She’s a lass who knows how to queue! I’ll be bringing you another Great British (Christmas) tradition very soon………..

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