وهذا كثير وأنا أعلم!


Twitter is a great way to share a “headline” – I use my account (and then Valerie’s) to spread the word and reach my audience.

Once I have attracted my audience I just have to entertain them!


I can use a link like this, Tunisia Quiz, to send my students to an activity, quiz, etc……. or insert photos to add interest!
Tunisia map

I can also send them to interesting facts and figures about subjects we’re discussing in class which I sometimes turn into a quiz!

It is also interesting to add some related hashtag language – I can get a very detailed picture of who is interested in what!

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Well hello EA3AS – how nice to meet you!


Hi everyone,

It really has been good to meet you all this week – what a great group! I hope you’re looking forward to the next 5 weeks.

Please feel free to look around this blog – don’t worry, you can’t break it! Hit any of the links, visit any of the websites and try any of the activities you like.

Do say “hello” by posting a comment for me – I will always reply!

Have a great weekend,


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OMG – as my son would say!

I love the Olympics – in fact I love all sport so I have been happily reading all the stories circulating in the run up to Sochi. This story, however, has left me speechless…………….

No – just no!




And here is the story if you want to read it!

Am I just being very precious or are you also horrified at the prospect of sharing?!

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And here’s a little grammar exercise!

So now I really am sorry!

Present Continuous or Will

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It’s never too late!

… to become a Mog Blog Follower! I know that our course is ending next week
but that doesn’t mean we will never speak again. Just hit the Follow key and leave me your email address and you’ll get a gentle reminder every time I post – go on, you know you want to!

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Sorry seems to be the hardest word…………

Hello Dear Reader and Happy New Year! 

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks – you know how it is, Christmas, New Year, travelling and getting back into the swing of things at work. So – sorry, sorry, sorry!

But, you see, there’s always a but, does an apology actually work if we don’t really mean it – or does it just allow us to continue doing what we want?

There is a lot of interest in the subject in the UK right now with a political row brewing in the Liberal Democrat Party about accusations made against one of its grandees. You can read the story here if you want. Hmm – I can (almost) see two sides to this argument. Should you apologise if you feel you haven’t done anything wrong or might you apologise if you have caused offence or upset, even if you don’t think you have done something wrong – oh, what a tricky moral dilemma!

I was listening to a fascinating radio programme this morning while driving home and I was really absorbed by this interview with a psychologist and a media expert exploring the human nature behind saying sorry (sorry, sorry, sorry, I think I have just exceeded my 15-word-sentence rule!).

Have a listen here (or find the link on my Twitter feed). Yes, I know it’s not easy and I know you won’t understand every word but you don’t have to. You just have to understand enough to get a “global” feeling for the subject.

Tell me what you think; would you only apologise if you thought you had said something wrong or would you apologise if you thought you had caused offence even though you meant what you had said?

And, for those of you who enjoy a bit of pop with your English, here’s Elton

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An English lesson (of sorts) from The Boss!


I could tell you to listen to this because there are lots of examples of the present simple and the present continuous in it or I could just tell you to listen to it because it is soooooooooo fantastic!



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